6 Reasons Successful People Succeed

6 Reasons Successful People Succeed

Success isn’t just measured through the amount of money in your bank account! It is also measured by how happy you are, how beautiful a relationship you have, what you give to your community and so much more. So, how do the successful people in this world become so successful? Here are just 6 reasons successful people succeed:

1. They have more motivation, desire, hunger.

Some people simply want success more than others. It’s real to them. These achievers can almost taste it! Succeeding isn’t just something they aspire to, it’s necessary to them. High performers remind themselves of this every single day. Brendon Burchard has an awesome book about this called “High Performance Habits”, which is available on Amazon. They have given great thought to there ‘why’  and they put their why and their goals in front of them every day. They think about them many times a day, they even dream about them. 6 Reasons Successful People Succeed

Visualizing a better life and their dreams coming true and expanding is something they do daily. Visualizing forms an important part of our morning routine which you can read at “6 Steps to A Positive Mindset“. Successful people have the courage to think bigger, believe bigger, and demand much more of themselves than ordinary people. Striving is part of their identity. They show up in life, not just appear as a supporting role.

2. Momentum Comes From Practice.

Success doesn’t just turn up at your door one day! High-performance achievers practice their art, skills, and ideal ways of thinking and behaving more than your average people do. It is a fact, they do what they have to do to be successful, more consistently. They take the time to learn the edge, the leverage points, the distinctions, the minute areas that make the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

Obviously, they take time to rest, and recuperate, but they are ALWAYS in motion, enabling them to get even better at what they do. Achievers are always paying attention, measuring progress. They’re not the kind of people who set New Year’s resolutions, work at it for a week, and quit, like so many people do. Let’s face it, we have all been there, haven’t we?! They are focussed all year long on their vision, their goals, focus, and practicing how to be the best version of themselves.

3. Successful People Take Action Through Expert Mentoring and Coaching.

This one cannot be left unsaid – successful people get coaches. Fact! Even the most successful people in the world have mentors and coaches. Even the wealthiest people in the world recognise that, whilst they are brilliant at acquiring wealth they may not be excellent in other areas of life. They invest in that because they are HUMBLE enough to acknowledge that they can’t figure it all out on their own.

High performers invest in coaches because they understand the need to be better. Successful people want confidence knowing that they’re striving intelligently, and they want to cut their learning curve down. Making dumb mistakes is not an option to them, and they want the foresight to be able to anticipate what’s ahead and not be surprised. Being accountable is vital to them!

4. Who Do You Surround Yourself With?.

Successful people surround themselves with like-minded people. It has been said that we all earn an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. We also act in a way that mirrors those  what are the reasons for success who we hang out with too. Achievers seek out people who are positive, happy, and well-adjusted individuals.  People that are doing great things, leaders in their community.

Too many people sit alone in their basement hoping they will suddenly find success and then start hanging out with better people. Instead, get out there in your community, start working for good companies with amazing teams. Maybe, if you own your own business, you could look to hire more focussed individuals. What about volunteering? Successful people do that too. Connecting daily with positive people who want to talk about what they can do to make this world a better, more possible place is exciting to them.

5. Who Are Your Role Models?

How often do you read inspirational books? Or books written by successful people? Do you even know who you find inspiring? Who would be someone that gets you fired up – motivationally speaking?  Having no role models means your ego has gone off the radar!  You could be accused of thinking that you’re alone, or superior, or different. As a result, you don’t look at those successful people who are already crushing it, giving it their all, and making an impact.

Start looking outside of yourself because role models are everywhere. Hidden in plain sight! It could be a family member, a boss, someone in your community. Maybe it is someone in the news or online. We have found inspiration from role models that are no longer alive. People who have written inspirational books from many years ago. You just never know where you will find them! Find a role model, study them and most importantly learn, model, and grow. And when you have become successful, don’t forget to be a role model yourself.

6. Life is Beautiful so Make The Most of It.

High performers recognise that life on this planet is not infinite! So they put urgency upon themselves because they know that life is so BEAUTIFUL and, SPECIAL. Don’t wait around for What are the six ways that can help a person become successful? something to happen to you before waking up and starting to enjoy every moment of every day. Have you ever noticed how someone suddenly decides to eat healthily and workout regularly after they have had a health scare?

Suddenly, when you realize life is short, you get your act together. You appreciate every day, and when you deeply appreciate your days it shows up in what you prioritise. Show me someone so comfortable they no long prioritize personal development, excellence and giving, and I’ll show you someone taking life for granted. Win at life? Then realize you are blessed to have one. So live it, love it, make it matter.

So, having said all that, hopefully you enjoyed our 6 Reasons Successful People Succeed.


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