How To Increase Neurogenesis

How To Increase Neurogenesis

Brain plasticity, Neurogenesis, also referred to as neuroplasticity, is a term that describes your brain’s ability to change shape and adapt in response to training and learning. Read on to find out how to increase neurogenesis in your own brain.

How To Increase Neurogenesis

Many of us think of our brains as set and inert – indeed this is how science described them for many centuries!

But more recently, we have discovered that the human brain is extremely adaptable – capable of growing new connections and even birthing new neurons in a process called neurogenesis. Our brain changes shape like a muscle, and the more you “exercise” certain brain regions, the bigger they become.

This plasticity is a sign of good health, and it is what gives us our ability to learn and to develop as humans. Read more then, to find out how you can make your brain more plastic, and thereby learn more than ever before.

Keep Learning

How do you increase neurogenesis naturally? The most important way to make your brain more plastic is to learn more. The more you learn, the better your brain becomes at learning. This means that if you stay in the same job and take the same route to work every day, you will become set in your ways and narrow minded. Keep exposing yourself to new things though, and your brain will become plastic and changeable – allowing you to adapt to any situation.

As well as learning specifically, simply exposing yourself to new experiences is just as important. Try visiting other countries, meeting new people, and reading books. Challenge your beliefs and never “settle” into a routine.


Meditation is an excellent way of increasing neurogenesis. Mediation helps in several ways. One way is that it reduces tress, anxiety, and depression. and positive thoughts. While meditating, you form new neural connections associated with the positive feelings.


Exercise and particularly aerobic exercise have been shown to increase neurogenesis and to help boost learning, because of the increased oxygen to the brain

Another particularly effective form of exercise is anything that involves learning new movements. That means things like dance, martial arts, or even gymnastics.


Good nutrition will support healthy brain function, which includes plasticity. There are lots of specific nutrients that will help to support the best brain function, but some of the best ones What exercise is best for an increase in neurogenesis? include: curcumin, omega 3 fatty acid, magnesium, zinc, and protein in general.

Get more of these things in your diet and your brain will perform better!


Finally, sleep is one of the most important things of all when it comes to developing your brain function, cementing memories, and more.

Sleep is when our brain creates permanent memories and forms connections between them. Make sure you don’t skip your 8 hours!

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Does walking increase neurogenesis? These are the most powerful ways to reduce neurogenesis. Stress, anxiety and depression, can all individually restrict the growth of new neurons. By removing as much stress/anxiety/depression as possible, can improve your brain health and increase plasticity. Sometimes when in a negative downward cycle, it is difficult to see a way out, but making positive changes can result in an improvement of your neurogenesis. It will also have an incredible effect on your mood and physical health.

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