How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

How to make your subconscious mind believe something

Have you ever wondered How to make your subconscious mind believe something?

What is the subconscious mind? Your mind is split into two parts, conscious mind & the subconscious mind. The conscious mind controls memories, thoughts & your awareness of your current situation. The subconscious mind is responsible for all automatic body systems i.e. breathing, heartbeat, circulation etc. Communicating with the conscious mind & subconscious mind is completely different. They literally speak two different languages. The subconscious mind is massively more powerful than the conscious mind.

Subconscious mind is a highly complex zone of the mind. It is difficult to understand what the subconscious mind says, or to communicate with it, as most people limit themselves to communicating via the conscious mind.  There is no quick easy route to making your subconscious mind to believe something. It takes consistent daily effort over a period of time.

How the subconscious mind communicates with us.

The subconscious mind communicates by sending you guidance in the form of thoughts, urges & feelings. All of which are quite subtle. It is that part of the brain that deals with the emotions and How to make your subconscious mind believe something feelings. Emotions and feelings are itself a sensitive issue, therefore, easy to miss instructions given to us by the subconscious mind.

How do we communicate with the subconscious mind?

It is initially quite difficult to take control of the subconscious mind. However, with practice you can take partial control over it by the help of a few steps & it is a skill that will last you a lifetime & will be an enormously useful skill to learn.

Step One – Chose a Goal

The first step to communicating with your subconscious mind is to be crystal clear about what it is you want it to believe. You should set yourself a clear goal , for instance, if your goal is to lose weight, write down your goal weight on a piece of paper, place it somewhere where you will see it often. This will help remember your goal. Each time you notice your note repeat it (out loud is more powerful, but quietly to yourself is absolutely fine)

Step Two – Repetition

The more you repeat your goal, the more energy you will attract to it & eventually you will start to get excited about achieving your goal. This is a key element in getting your subconscious mind to believe anything, as the best way of working with the subconscious mind is by using sustained effort over a period of time. This is not an instant results type of thing , sustained effort is required . Repetition is a powerful way of settings goals in the subconscious mind. The more you repeat your goal, the more excited you get about achieving it & the more excited you get, the more you actually feel excited.

Step Three – Meditation

How can I train my subconscious mind? Meditation is the third step to control your subconscious mind. It may be hard to concentrate on meditation during the initial days, but with time, you can do this. Do not allow the chatter of your thoughts to distract you from communicating with your subconscious mind.

You may find that guided meditation is an easier way to ease into meditation, as it reduces the noise of your thoughts interrupting you. In meditation, you do not visualize anything; you just concentrate on your thoughts. While meditating, you first have to find somewhere comfortable to sit (or lay down), close your eyes and relax. Do not force anything, simply go with the flow of your thoughts. Again repetition is paramount to obtaining success in meditation. To be most effective, it should become a fixed part of your daily routine.

Step Four – Visualization

Visualization is the most important step to communicating with the subconscious mind. When you have mastered meditation, now is the time to start visualization. It gives you the motivation to achieve your goal. Only once you have learned to visualize a thing, can you cement it into your subconscious mind. Simply find a quiet comfortable place to relax, close your eyes & visualize yourself actually having achieved your goal. The more detail you can give in your visualization the better, i.e sights, sounds, smells etc Visualization should also become a daily part of your routine in order to be effective. Do not worry if it takes some practice before you are able to visualize effectively, like any other new skill, it can take time to master

The more consistent you are in following the examples shown, the quicker you will obtain the results that you desire. Once you get the subconscious mind to believe the goal, it will help you to achieve it by sending you guidance in the form of thoughts, urges & feelings. All of which are quite subtle & easily missed by the unaware mind. You will quickly learn to notice the signs & act upon the accordingly

Step Five – Bonus – Affirmations

Affirmations are an excellent way of keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind. You can state your affirmations numerous times a day, cleaning your teeth, making a cup of tea, walking the How do you program your subconscious mind to get what you want? dog etc. Two of the most powerful times to use your affirmations, are first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed & last thing at night, just before you go to sleep.

Apply – Effort – Believe – Achieve

Thus, these are just few ways on how you can take control of your subconscious mind.


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