How To Manifest Love With A Specific Person

How To Manifest Love With A Specific Person

You may have asked yourself how to manifest love with a specific person? The Law of Attraction can manifest  many things into your life regarding matters of wealth, health, and happiness and many more things.  Part of happiness is having fulfilling relationships.  These are not romantic love relationships they can be familial relationships, simple friendships or relationships with yourcolleagues.  The Law of Attraction affects them all.

Do You Believe in Gravity?

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction to use in your life or not, it is always at work. You do not have to believe in gravity, or electricity for them to work for you. They both work for you anyway. You are always putting out vibrations into the universe. Some positive, some negative. The Law of Attraction collects these energies & attracts situations, or people that mirror the energies that you are putting out with like energies and coming back to you. If you vibrate on a low level and are sending out lots of negative dark energies, then you will attract a person giving off the same How to manifest love with a specific person negative dark energies. The reverse is also the case. If you vibrate at a high level, sending out positive energies, then you will attract a similar positive person.

The main way of using the Law of Attraction is by focusing on the things you want.  Then, by putting consistent concerted effort these positive things return to you.  What you give your attention to is what is attracted into your life.

Get excited

Once you set yourself a goal, the next step is to develop an excitement about it.  This is important in two ways. By thinking of a positive goal, puts out lots of positive energy & by getting excited about attracting that goal into your life. This adds an extra level of excitement, as it involves the feelings. Positive feelings are even more powerful than positive thoughts. The excitement will turn into a power that is greater than any you can drum up by simply repeating words about what you want. By adding both into your goal, results in hugely charging your goal. The Law of Attraction works in relationships as well as it does in anything else.

By deliberately using the Law of Attraction, you can find that special person you are looking for.  One step is to determine what it is you want from a mate.  Make a list.  Write down characteristics you would like the person to have.  Write down joys you would like to share. It is important to mention at this point, although you might have a certain individual in mind, that you want to attract into your life, you do need to follow the steps above, but keep an open mind about who you will attract into your life. You may very well attract the person that you had in mind, by following these steps, but you could also attract someone even better for you, than you can ever have dreamed.

Can you use Law of Attraction to attract a specific person Frequency Matching

Once you have a more concrete idea of exactly what you want, the universe will bring you to your mate through the Law of Attraction.  This will happen through matching of frequencies.  You send out the frequency of what you want.  That vibration goes out and collects with other frequencies like it.  In other words, it matches perfectly. Once you link into the Law of Attraction magic really does seem to happen on it’s own.

When your frequency is vibrating in concert with another frequency, it will only be a matter of time before you meet someone.  The Law of Attraction will be at work.  At this point, you should follow your hunches.  If you have the urge to do something on a different schedule than usual, then do it.  This may be how you find your mate. Always have an open mind & a willingness to follow your feelings.

You don’t ever need to force anything. Just let the Law of Attraction do its work.  Continue to reaffirm in your mind the fact that the person you are looking for exists.  Believe that you will find that person (or someone even better).  Draw your attention and excitement to the subject, as often as you can.  Things will happen. Believe it in your heart.

Other relationships work on the theory of matching as well.  You put out energy towards a person in your life.  That energy can be for or against them.  Whatever energy you send them will match whatever energy in them that is like that frequency.  You will always get the result you expect.  This is the Law of Attraction.

If you are feeling down, the Law of Attraction will supply you with a companion in despair.  As the two of you spiral down, you will be better off if you decide to let the Law of Attraction work for you instead of against you.  Find ways that your frequencies can vibrate in harmony in a positive way.  This will strengthen and lengthen friendships like nothing else.

Steps to Bring the Law of Attraction Into Your Life

Become aware of your thoughts throughout the day. When you are thinking negatively, stop yourself & instantly replace the negative thought with a positive one.

Your relationships can develop into more than they ever were before.  Your friendships can be deeper.  You can live in harmony with your relatives.  Your love interests can become life-long Is it wrong to manifest a specific person partners.  The Law of Attraction can do this.

  • Write down a list of qualities that you would like your partner to possess, don’t hold back, write it all down & don’t leave anything out. You can add to your list at anytime, when you think of a new quality.
  • Write down a mantra starting with the words  ‘I am in a relationship with a man/woman (delete as applicable) who is ……. (for example Kind, Sweet, Loving, Faithful, Hardworking…) add in all of the qualities that you wrote down in the step above. End with the words ‘& I accept it now’ You can of course change the wording to suit anything that you wish to attract into your life, as long as it is written in present tense i.e I am, now etc. Never make a mantra using future tense words i.e I will, soon.
  • Repeat the mantra numerous times a day, there is no such thing as too many times. Make sure that you start your day by saying the mantra first thing in the morning, preferably before you get out of bed. The other important time to remember is to repeat it just before you go to sleep, last thing at night. At first you will just feel like you are reading empty words off a piece of paper, but the more you do it, the more you will enjoy it & start to get excited & actually start to believe that you will soon be in a relationship with this person

You need to be aware that this is not something that will happen instantly, but with sustained effort & the belief that it will happen, it will happen. The more effort you put into saying your mantra the quicker things will happen for you.What should I do to manifest love

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