What are the qualities of a rich person

What are the qualities of a rich person?

Habits of the Wealthy vs Poor

Some people believe that success just falls in people’s laps. They are under the impression that some people are just born successful. These people are wrong, success is earned through hard work and determination. There is no shortcut. People are jealous of someone having an idea and moving forward with it. They had the courage to step outside of themselves and do the things that are necessary to be successful. There is no such thing as being lucky in business, it is about making your own luck through consistent effort and work. What are the qualities of a rich person

If you are able to do this, if you are truly able to step outside of yourself, if you are willing to do what it takes, you will find an endless world of possibilities. Your dreams will come true and you will live the life you’ve always wanted to have.

The following report is all about showing you the differences between the habits of the wealthy vs the poor and just what are the qualities of a rich person?

Habit Number One – Mindset

Wealthy people have a positive mindset because they focus on both the long term goal and short term tasks they want to achieve. They know where they are going and they know exactly how to get there. They are clear about what tasks need to be done and when and do not allow themselves to be distracted by unimportant things. Poor people on the other hand tend to not stay focused for long  on any one task. They are very easily distracted by minor unimportant things i.e phone, text e-mail, social media etc. They have nothing of importance to focus their attention on.

Habit Number Two – Goals

What is the difference between poor and rich? Wealthy people have many goals, both large and small. This way they can break down their success into manageable bite size chunks & see victory in even the smallest of wins. Their goals are very clear and concise and usually come with a timescale of when they wish to achieve the goal. Poor people have no goals, or very small insignificant ones. Without goals they tend to drift through life aimlessly.

Habit Number Three – Passion

Wealthy people tend to be very passionate about pretty much every aspect of their lives. It is necessary for them to have passion because it keeps them motivated when the going gets tough. Passion about just about anything adds energy to it and makes it a lot more appealing. Poor people have very little passion about anything meaningful in life, because they think that it will cost too much, or be too difficult. It’s a lot easier to just carry on doing what you have always done.

Habit Number Four – Work Hard

Wealthy people work very hard indeed in pursuit of their goals, they carry on working outside of  normal working hours. They start work early and work till late, because they are passionate about what they do and are committed to making it a success. Hard work does not scare them and is seen as essential in order to achieve success. Poor people are usually poor because they do not have the stamina to work way beyond what is expected of them.

Habit Number Five – Never Give Up

Wealthy people NEVER give up, even is the project that they are working on has failed many times before, they carry on tweaking it and trying again and again, until they achieve success. If one way doesn’t work, they try another. They are not affected by failure, but inspired by it, to try another way. Poor people tend to try something new and if it fails, they quit and feel like a failure. How the rich and poor think differently?

Habit Number Six – Respect Money

Wealthy people have respect for money, but they are not afraid to lose it, because they know of many ways that they can earn it back. Poor people tend to be very fearful of money and very scared of losing it. Wealthy people tend to buy assets, which make them more money. Poor people tend to buy stuff, that leads to more expenses.

A brief recap what are the qualities of a rich person?

  • Have a positive mindset about every area of your life, negativity is a real dream killer.
  • Make a list of goals that you would like to achieve, dream as big as you want. Write them down.
  • Be passionate about your life and everyone in it, you will achieve nothing by being miserable.
  • Be prepared to work hard in the pursuit of your dreams.
  • Never give up because even if things do not work out how you want them to,  you can pick yourself up, and start again.
  • Money should be respected, fearing it gives it hold over you, when it could enable you to turn your life around if used properly.

What the wealthy do differently? Making even the smallest of changes will have an enormous effect on your life.

Anyone can turn their life around when they are prepared to make the necessary changes.

You can absolutely do this! So, next time you are asked “What are the qualities of a rich person?” you will be able to answer that person – yes?


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