Why is Abundance Important in Thinking

Why is abundance important in thinking?

Why you Need an Abundance Mindset

why you need an abundance mindsetThere are a lot of different types of mindset banded about, from growth mindset to fixed mindset and scarcity mindset to abundance mindset.

Your mindset pretty much dictates how your life will pan out. If you think in terms of scarcity you will live a life with not much in it and the opposite is true.

Having an abundance mindset doesn’t just mean wanting lots of money, it goes much deeper than that. It opens your mind up to possibilities in all quarters of your life both personal and professional. You also have to have a positive mindset to have an abundance mindset so that makes life even better too!

So, let’s take a look at why you need an abundance mindset?

Right now in late 2020, after the year the world has seen, you could be forgiven for finding it hard to have an abundance mindset. With jobs and businesses being lost left and right, and a whole ton of uncertainty for millions of people, staying positive is sometimes hard.

What causes scarcity mindset?

Uncertainty in the main. The fear of lack, that there will never be enough breeds a feeling of anxiety and stress. It is said that stress and depression numbers are rising at an alarming rate as a result of the current world situation.  But I would argue that it is all the more important right now to instill an abundance mindset into yourself.

If you step away from all the doom and gloom that the media portray for a moment and look at what things are still forging ahead you will be amazed.

light bulb momentArtificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics are just 3 industries that are growing at an exponential rate. The way that research companies across the globe have rallied together to fight the pandemic is staggering and is something that will no doubt continue long after this has all gone away. The rise of the Zoom platform has enabled so many people to connect with loved ones that they rarely saw before. People in less advantaged countries are now able to access mobile phones and the internet like never before, opening up their world beyond belief.

All of this development and technology brings a reduction in the price of many things that only the rich could access before. But, alas, far too many people continue to live their lives through a scarcity mindset. They remain trapped in a life of mediocrity at best, suffering at worst.

Abundance is not solely about luxury, it is about the possibility

Someone with a scarcity mindset will look at a situation and see limitations. On the other side of the coin, someone with an abundance mindset will create more situations so that there are more opportunities and more to go around. Look at the world we live in. Now is the best and easiest time to start your own business or develop a side hustle. With very minimal costs, a person can buy a website and sell other people’s products for a commission and potentially earn a fortune, unlike ever before. And then when that income stream is working well, you can then start another one, and another one. There is no limit. With the huge rise in freelance workers around the world, you can also get others to do a lot of the work for you too, for very small costs.

The internet now enables anyone to have an idea, research it, get feedback on whether it is a good idea  from around the world and even crowdfund it.

I have heard several stories this year of people who having lost their jobs due to the pandemic have started their own online business and are already better off than they were working for someone else!

You see, it is how you look at a situation.

So, Why is abundance important in thinking?

By developing an abundance mindset you become a more positive person which in turn opens you up to receive more abundance in your life. By seeing the world in a positive frame of mind your life seems far nicer and your world becomes easier and more enjoyable.abundance is about possibility

You may have had instances in the past where you felt you missed out on an opportunity. With your new mindset, you understand that there will be plenty more opportunities along the way, so don’t fret!

Fear becomes a thing of the past as you open up your mind to what your life could be like.

Trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ or feeling like you are a lesser mortal than your peers because they have something you don’t is ridiculous! Your time will come if you continue with your abundant mindset.

Believe me, by becoming a more positive person, you will also attract more friends and, if you are single, more potential partners too! Nobody likes spending time with a drudge do they?

So, what are you going to do over the coming weeks and months to develop your own abundance mindset?

We would love to hear your thoughts.

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